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I’m often asked how I create better results from facebook ad campaigns to get the best bang for my buck (and for my private clients). So this is a special post I am writing for all of you that follow me and for the folks over at Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Blog..
For all of you who are new, welcome and I hope I can help everyone get a better return on their money after reading these 7 ways to get better results from your facebook ad spend.
So lets dive in..
  1. Use Eye Catching Ads
    Despite what you might think, to save money you want more people to click on your ad. The more clicks you get on your ads compared to the number of times they show your ad, the higher your Click Through Rate (CTR) becomes. The higher the CTR the less you have to pay for ads, making your ad budget go a lot further.
  2. Create a powerful headline
    The better the headline the more people will click on your ad
    Check out this post: How to create magnetic headlines
  3. Get Obsessed with Targeting by Interest
    One of the best advantages of facebook is that you can target people by what they are intrested in. Take advantage of this to target only people who you think are not only going to click your ad but convert from your ads too. This is crucial to not only to increase your click through rate or the amount of people who click on your ads but increase your sales too.
    Check out my free facebook videos here
  4. Test your Interest targeting
    Don’t just test your ad copy or your images.. It is actually more important to test your targeting.
    here’s a great video tip that shows you how to test your click through rate on facebook automatically (and its built in to facebook).
  5. Be congruent
    Make your ad match the offer you give on the landing page. Since they already showed they were interested in your ad by clicking it, if you use the same headline for your offer or landing page you are more likely to convert that traffic into likes, leads or sales.
  6. Ask for a like
    Sometimes you just need to ask. For most people the like button is out of sight out of mind. You can also give a little incentive or bonus if they like your page and reveal their gift if they do. This is called a “like” to reveal page.
    Check out this post: How to create a click like to reveal page for free in 3 minutes.
  7. Go for the opt-in.
    Have something great waiting for them after they click in exchange for their email address.
    This way you can continue to add value and create a relationship with them in the future.
    Check out this post: How to create a customer magnet to increase opt-ins and build your email list fast

If you follow these tips you will spend less money on ads and get more conversions for your money.

If you’ve had success with facebook ads and you think i’ve missed something please add it in the comments!

Put your name on point 8. 🙂

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Cheers to your success,

Ryan Hache

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