Hi, I’m Ryan

I’m a software and marketing entrepreneur from Kitchener Ontario Canada.

I make my living having worked for over 18 years on the internet.

  • I’ve launched a membership site that scaled to $30,000/month in the first 5 months, with no funding.
  • I helped create the software and scale a SaaS Marketing Company to achieve repeat 7 figure years with no funding.
  • Now with the help of my wife Jennifer, its our mission through Hache Marketing to help small business owners get customers.

My passion is entrepreneurship and marketing but my background is in computer programming. So naturally I gravitate to the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. Working with marketing professionals in the industry has shifted my focus towards marketing but I don’t think i’ll ever really lose my passion for developing software. I think this is why i’m so attracted to Digital Marketing as it allows me to utilize my technical expertise to create systems to leverage digital marketing strategies.

With the creation of this blog i’ve been able help small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the digital marketing landscape.

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To your success,

Ryan Hache.


If you are looking for more information to help integrate some or all of the strategies email me at ryan@ryanhache.com