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Heather Calhoun From Facebook

Hi Ryan,
I just watched your 3 mistakes on article marketing using keywords. I have a quick question for you. Once you have found a keyword that meets the criteria you have outlined. Do you recommend writing several articles and trying to really own that search. Or just writing one…maybe coming back and writing another down the line. Thanks so much in advance.

*** My Response ***

Hi Heather,

This is a great question so I decided to make it a blog posts.

the answer to that question is.. it depends on how much traffic the keyword has. If you have a really awesome keyword that has lots of traffic and very little competition you should make your main blog where your lead capture is host the competative keyword with all the traffic. Then you should find other less competative veriations of the keyword using keyword modifiers. “best” “top”. Example if your keyword is Article Marketing Questions.. write your main article to be targeting “article marketing questions” and write your second and third articles to target “best article marketing questions” and “top article marketing questions” then post the seconds and third articles on different sites and anhor text link it back to your main posts. Put the second article on ezinearticles.com and the third on goarticles.com.

the result should be 1 listing for the good keyword and maybe 3 listings for the less traffic versions.

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