Weekly Assistant Tasks

What’s expected.

For each of these routines there will be a list of instructions to complete the task and an section that says “the email”.

After the completion of each routine “the email” is to notify me of the completion of a given routine.

Lets get started.

How to Send an Email to My Email List after I do a Blog Post

Video 1:

Video 2:


How to create visual ranking report for a set of keywords we are tracking

  1. start with the list of keywords in a document you are creating the report for.
  2. type the first keyword into google. make sure you turn of personal results
  3. take a screen shot of what you see in the results
  4. add screenshot below the keyword list.
  5. find the website we are trying to rank for in the results and count how many organic positions it ranks from the top.
  6. write that number next to the keyword you searched on the keyword list.
  7. repeat the process until you have a screenshot for each image and the ranking numbers listed next to each keyword.

Video link: http://screencast.com/t/J1fHpuSaVA

The Email: Email me the list of keywords with the ranking numbers next to each with a list of the screenshots that were taken to show each listing. 

How to Optimize and Promote Youtube videos

this is the exact formula for getting a top rank video in youtube in 30 minutes of work and $30 dollars

  1. Transcribe the audio in the video to text and upload it as the transcript for the video. Read the transcript and make sure our keyword is in the transcript at least a few times. if not try to place it in so that it still reads well.
  2. Add the call to action url (where you want them to go after they watch the video) to the front of the description with some text telling them what they get if they click the link to follow
  3. Click share and copy the share url for the video and copy it at the bottom of the description
  4. search for our keyword in youtube and copy the “tags” from the top 3 rated videos that come up, add those tags to our “tags”
  5. paste all of our new tags below the call to action text in the description after putting a few line spaces to bring the tages lower and out of sight
  6. Add a “subscribe to this channel for more “whatever the channel has to offer” annotation 20 seconds in and link it to the subscribe to our channel link.
  7. Post a video response of one of the other related videos from the channel to this video
  8. Unless there is a direct call to action built into the video, Post an end of video annotation for 2 relate videos they might also be interested in watching and link to them. (the example provided below uses a direct call to action)
  9. get 1,000 Social bookmarks: Social Monkee. Use this fiverr GIG – Social Monkey 450 Social bookmarks for $5 http://fiverr.com/ailurophile/build-you-450-social-bookmarks-from-social-monkee
  10.  Bookmarking Demon 500 Social Bookmarks for $5 +3000 verified forum profiles giving strong teir 2 for $5 – total $10 http://fiverr.com/coralbue/bookmark-your-site-to-over-500-different-sites
  11. Submit to scrape box $5 http://fiverr.com/albertfang/do-a-scrapebox-blast-of-14000-links-all-live-with-unlimited-keywords-and-urls
  12. GIG – write, spin and submit 1 article to 7450 article directories $5 http://fiverr.com/crorkservice/spin-and-submit-your-article-to-7450-article-directories-get-500-google-backlinks-full-report-ping
  13. 200 social media shares with SocialAdr GIG 100 Social Media Backlinks for $5 http://fiverr.com/crorkservice/make-100-social-media-backlinks
  14. Embed the video on these 4 Web 2.0 sites: GIG I will embed your youtube video in 12 websites, 4 likes, 4 comments for video SEO for $5 www.fiverr.com/scotty21015/embed-your-youtube-video-in-12-websites-4-liikes-4-comments-for-youtube-seo

Here is an example of a video that has been completed.
Keyword: How to build an Email List
CTA Link: http://www.responsemagic.com
CTA TEXT: Want this software for free? http://www.responsemagic.com
description: In this video we are going to show you How to Build an Email List (The Quick Way) using responsemagic email marketing software.
Keywords found: “how to build an email list”, “email list”, “build a list”, “email marketing”, “how to market”, “list building”, “list building technique”, “subscriber list” “build your email list” “build newsletter list” “list building” “build a mailing list” “grow my newsletter list” “ezine subscriptions” “build your list” “build my list” “build my email list” “build my mailing list” “build an email list” “building an email list”

Video Url for the description: http://youtu.be/8Ip8mDLCHng

The Email: Email me 1 email with the link to the video that has been optimized and the gigs that were ordered. 

How to find research studies

The goal of this task is to find fascinating academic research about marketing that my fans would find interesting and fasinating. I will then use this information to create a quick video to summarize the study and highlight the take away points they can use in their business.

things i’m looking for..
Academic proof that proves.

that using multiple marketing platforms in important
that giving people one action is important
why building an audience is important.

  1. Review the following academic research blogs
  2. find 3 studies you think our audience would find fascinating.
  3. send me 1 email every monday summarizing the 3 studies and why you think my audience would find them fascinating.

The Email: Email me 1 email with the 3 studies you found summarizing the study in a few sentences. Provide a link to the full study under each summary. Also as a note on each summary tell my why you think my audience would like this.

How to optimize and syndicate the video I create and post it to my blog.

  1. update the video for seo
  2. submit gigs on fiverr to get comments,backlinks and likes.
  3. transcribe the article for $5 on fiver
  4. post the transcribed article from fiverr , check it for spelling and grammar
  5. post the transcription and embed my youtube video as a post to my blog using the headline I provide.
  6. create show notes section: anything I mention in the video as a resource create an itemized list below the video with links to those resources using affiliate links when possible.
  7. Find areas of the post where we can link the user to other posts I’ve created and use the headline of the post as the anchor text of the hyperlink used to link to the other post.
  8. take a screen shot of  a good or funny shot of the video
  9. post a link to the blog article on facebook using a the screen shot.
  10. post a link to the blog article on twitter using a the screen shot.
  11. post a link to the blog article on google+ using a the screen shot.
  12. post a link to the blog article on pinterest using a the screen shot.

IF you have a problem with any of this tasks send me an email as soon as you have the issue you can’t figure out.
*its ok not to know how I want you to do things, its part of the process. the faster you can fail the faster you can learn and get past it. 🙂
its ok to get stuck. its not ok to spend days trying to get unstuck. I’m here to help and get you familiar with the tasks quickly.

The Email: Email me this checklist with the word complete next to each task.

How to find new markets and refresh ads for facebook

The goal of this task is to use the existing ads that are in the facebook campaign to create similar ads with the same headline, copy and landing page but targeting a different audience and using a different image so we can review which markets perform the best and keep ads fresh maintaining a high click-though rate (CTR).

things you will start with.
-4 ads each with different copy to be tested in the same market.
-a list of keywords you will be able to use to target markets using the intrest box on facebook
-a list of images you can use an modify to rotate on our good ads to keep the ad fresh and increase click-through rates.

Your weekly routine:
  1. Login to facebook, visit the ad centre.
  2. find which ads were getting .1% click-through rate (CTR) and and now have less than .1 % clickthrough rate.
  3. change the image on all those ads that don’t have a .1% clickthrough rate anymore.
  4. find which ads were never getting .1% click-though rate (CTR) and remove them.
  5. pick the best performing ad in the group and click create similar ad.
  6. edit just the interest the ad is targeting, get this keyword to use from the list of keywords you have, make sure it is targeting at least 5,000 people before you run the ad.
  7. facebook will give you a recommended “cost per click” they think you should bid, for example..( $1.11 – $1.26 per click ) bid 3 cents more than the lowest recommended bid in the range. in this example it would be $1.14.You should always have 8 ads running that are getting .1 % CTR at all times. repeat the process weekly to make sure you are always refreshing new ads and replacing ones that are not working or getting any clicks.

The email: Each week when you perform this task please email me a summary by taking a screen shot from facebook of which 4 ads are currently running and a summary of the edits you made.