The Free Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Free Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Are you struggling to find ways to market your business that don’t require an advertising budget? In this post i’m going to share the free internet marketing strategy for small business that gets you customers without advertising. So if you are looking to take action and get some results without a marketing budget lets do […]

19 Exact Steps to Get Customers From YouTube Marketing Like a Magician


So the other day I get an subscriber email from a magician. He was looking to increase the number of live events he was getting booked for. -He is a local business. -His target market is Business Owners and Event Co-0rdinators. -He has an existing client base. -He would rather hustle than spend money on […]

Why Smart Business Owners Are Thinking About Mobile

why all marketers should be thinking about mobile

If you thought mobile phones and tablets wouldn’t affect your business.. .. here’s why you might want to start thinking about it. Courtesy of: Quick Sprout In Conclusion: You need to start thinking about how customers will be viewing and communicating with your company, not just from the traditional desktop computer but from their tablet […]

6 Steps to Attract More Customers with an Email List


A common question I get is.. “If I build a fan page or customer magnet, will it drive traffic to my website.” The short answer is NO. Making the customer magnet won’t drive the traffic.. But in combination with what I’m going to share with you in this post, you will be able to get more out of […]

Social Searching is Google the Social Search Engine?

Social media and Searching are starting to move towards becoming one, social searching.  This will give you more relevant referrals from friends. This is extremely powerful as social media (facebook) has the highest rate of “social proof” which is the #1 persuasion factor in people and search engines have “intent” in other words the searcher […]