The Free Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Free Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Are you struggling to find ways to market your business that don’t require an advertising budget? In this post i’m going to share the free internet marketing strategy for small business that gets you customers without advertising. So if you are looking to take action and get some results without a marketing budget lets do […]

19 Exact Steps to Get Customers From YouTube Marketing Like a Magician


So the other day I get an subscriber email from a magician. He was looking to increase the number of live events he was getting booked for. -He is a local business. -His target market is Business Owners and Event Co-0rdinators. -He has an existing client base. -He would rather hustle than spend money on […]

Market Samurai Tutorial

Recap: Using Google Keyword tool is a great free way to find keywords that have traffic and relevance. However using a tool like article samurai will allow you to not only find keywords with traffic and relevance but it will allow you to find keywords with.. Low Competition (the un-tapped keywords) High Commercial Intent (keywords […]

The Most Important Lesson in Search Engine Marketing

The software used in this video is called Market Samurai. It used to be a paid only service that only marketers like myself had access to but they are offering a free trial right now..  I am not sure how much longer they will offer this for so make sure you get your research in before they […]

Article Marketing Question How Many Articles Per Keyword?

Heather Calhoun From Facebook Hi Ryan, I just watched your 3 mistakes on article marketing using keywords. I have a quick question for you. Once you have found a keyword that meets the criteria you have outlined. Do you recommend writing several articles and trying to really own that search. Or just writing one…maybe coming […]