My Story and How I Make a Living Online

In my email sequence I have a question that asks my readers what they are struggling with and I get a ton of responses to that question.

Today I’m going to address one of the most frequently asked question.

“I desperately want to create a business that provides a service that helps people. I just don’t know what to do or how to do it.”

Now before I get to that I want to you to know who I am.

I’m a bootstrapping 29 year old marketing software entrepreneur from Kitchener Ontario Canada.

I make my living having worked for over 10 years on the internet.

  • I’ve launched a membership site that made $3,000 in the first week and scaled to $30,000/month in the first 5 months, with no funding.
  • I helped scale a business with my brother Scott to achieve repeat 7 figure years with no funding.
  • I’m currently trying to see how many people I can help do the same.

and I’m going to show you what i’ve learned.. ( for free!)

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But possibly the biggest perk over the last 10 years has been the opportunity to have worked with the biggest marketers in the world.  I am currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Platinum Synergy Group creators of Response Magic Email Marketing Software, and Home Office Pro Network Marketing Software, a company that my brother Scott Hache started. He started this company in 1998 from the basement of our parents house with a small investment from the only investor to date, Me. It was my life savings and I was in high school at the time. Soon after I started working along side him, still from our parents basement.

Back in 1998 we developed one of the first web 2.0  software packages and we were the first to allow sales agents to create their own websites from a template design. We referred to this software as the “self replicating website” and it was used by independent marketing representatives that were required to have their own client base. It was also one of the first to use the now popular fremium business model and was such a hit that we quickly needed to monetize it in order sustain the growth. So we attached a simple service that allowed them to shorten their website address from an “ugly” long website url that was generated for them with CGI programming language, to one that could easily be placed on a business card or shared on the web. This provided a great value for our users, and they loved it. Keep in mind this was before you could easily redirect a domain name at godaddy for free with the purchase of a domain name, so this was a tremendous value. It also came with some other great features like lead notifications and a helpful contact manager.

I remember that day, 10 years ago when we launched the service. We were downstairs in my parents basement and Scott had it set up so it would play the sound of a cash register each time a new sale came in. Literally every second the register was ringing, we were totally shocked. We stood there looking at orders calling out the names of the different people from all around the world as we jumped around my parents basement. Ever since that day i’ve been a serial entrepreneur addicted to passive income. The thought of earning money during the night while we slept was something we hadn’t experienced until this point. It was awesome, and I wanted more.

Shortly after that I decided I would attend collage, because that was the thing I was supposed to do right? I attended conestoga collage for computer science but felt my education was moving much quicker in my own pursuit for knowledge part time after school with the company. At this point we had just moved into our first office and were working on our next advancement, an Email Marketing System any business could use to grow their influence and generate more sales. Soon after I left school I started with the company full time, since we had software for internet marketers it was an incredible experience working with marketing professionals in the industry. Working with those marketers forged a new passion for me that shifted my focus from programming towards marketing. More specifically internet marketing as it allowed me to utilize my technical expertise to create automated systems that could capitalize on the greatest marketing shift of our time. So lets get right to that, It’s been a long road and now I’m here to show you what i’ve learned.

I hope this helps you on your journey, lets get started.

The first step is to understand the market you are going to service. If you don’t know what you are going to provide to that market yet I believe you need to find that first. Before I get into anything the main thing I look for is that there is a market of people interested in that topic. Without people interested in what you have to say there will be little traffic and therefore no sales. I use what people are already searching for online to determine the size of the market i’m entering into. If you haven’t already joined my email list I recommend you join the 5,000 business owners who have.

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These videos also give you insight into the size of the market you are looking to enter. This is important because if you plan on entering into a market where there is no audience or a market with very high competition. If you find yourself there,  you might need to either pick a different angle or a more narrow niche of that market. (If this is confusing, that’s ok.)

What you need to know is that you need a strategy and that starts with knowing our audience.

Here’s what I’m going to show you..

  • How to un-cover what your market is already searching for and how to tap into it.
  • The 3 steps to getting your website listed at the top of the search engines.
  • My step by step method to attracting customers for free with information.
  • How to build an effective communication channel so you can influence your market
  • How to attract customers and get referrals with social media

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I want to first cover the types of income that can be earned so you can get some perspective on which type of income you want to focus on.

Active Income – You work for an hour, you get paid for an hour. (this is the type of income you earn from a job or a consulting business)
The problem with this income is there is no leverage because you only have so many hours in a day and the only way you can increase your income is to increase your hourly rate which isn’t always feasible for businesses.

Leveraged Income – You hire or subcontract your hours to someone you employ, pay your employee one rate and charge your client a higher rate, leaving you with an profit. This is ok because it allows you to focus on increasing sales while leveraging the workload to your staff allowing you to gain leverage and earn more income because you are not limited to the number of hours you have in a day. (this is the type of income many small businesses make) Its ok, because you still have to manage your staff and you are ultimately responsible for ensuring each member of your staff is providing the same level of service you would or better.

Passive Income – You create or purchase an asset that produces cash flow every month long after your initial investment. This initial investment can either be a cash investment or an investment of time. A good example of this would be writing a book, creating software as a service, creating a membership website or purchasing a rental property. This is the type of income the wealthiest 1% of the world focus on. It is also how Warren Buffet became so wealthy. He purchased pinball machines and put them in hotels sharing a portion of the profits with the hotel owner. The income they pinball machines produced enabled him to buy more with that income. The more pinball machines he acquired the more monthly income he produced. He then just repeated the process over and over creating a passive income stream that grew every month making him a very wealthy man.

In today’s information age we can literally create the digital equivalent of pinball machines with software as a service, Membership websites, information products, apps, books and much more by investing our time and sometimes just a small investment.

Although I earn active and leveraged income, I make it my focus on acquiring passive income every chance I can by either creating it or purchasing it. My primary business is software as a service but I’m creating apps, I’ve created a membership website, information products and am currently working on my first book.

I think its important to make a point to pick something you are passionate about because 2013 is all about creation to generate customers and build your influence by providing information to your target market using information marketing. Being in a market that you are passionate about makes this process easy and fun instead of work. However I want to make it clear that you don’t need to be an expert to be passionate about a topic. One of my business that earned up to $30,000/month at one time and was something I knew nothing about. This was an education business that sold educational videos on how to be a profitable poker player in the form of a monthly membership website. I was not a profitable poker player, so I simply partnered with someone who was that could create the video training content needed to provide great value to the customer. Once we had a strong flow of passive income we were eventually able hire some of the top online and offline poker players including world series of poker champion, David Williams. We simply allowed them in on a share of the revenue which made it a win win for all parties involved, just like Warren Buffet with the pinball machines. In that business I hosted poker tournaments and was involved in a poker community. I would not have enjoyed it as much as I did if I didn’t have an interest in poker. So I hope this opens your eyes to the possibilities that are available.. The bottom line is you don’t necessarily need to be an expert for what you are providing but it does help to have a passion for it. Another point to make here is that in this example I was mainly responsible for the marketing and logistics, so if you have a passion for helping people and marketing it makes it easy for you to enter into any niche with the right partner.

So lets take a look at the 2 main ways I create passive income online.

#1 – Create a product or service 
This is what most people think about when they think of starting a business. It is also one of the most lucrative ways to earn a living online. However creating a product or service is difficult and comes with risk. You need to be able to create a great product that solves a problem for the right market, then create a converting offer for your target market and then drive traffic to that offer in order to sell your product or service. My favourite service to create is Software as a service or Sass for short. There are many reasons I believe Saas is the best business model, if you want to learn more about how to build a Saas business check out the guys over at the 

#2 – Become an affiliate of products or services that already exist
The way this works is that you refer a customer to a product or service someone else owns and they pay you a commission for sending them the sale. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online for a few reasons. The first is that you don’t need to have a high quality product or service. The second is that you don’t need to create a converting offer to sell the product or service. The third is that you don’t have to support the customers that use the product or service.

For example: If you had a passion for helping business owners like I do, you could become an affiliate of response magic email marketing software which helps business owners market their business online. Then you just have to drive qualified traffic to that product or service.

There are a bunch of great places to find products and services you can promote as an affiliate. Check out my “Only Tools I use” page to get an idea of what I use

Now lets assume you know what it is you are passionate about and you have found affiliate products and services or you have created a product or service that fills a need in the marketplace. Now its time to design your marketing strategy for attracting and influencing customers to buy the products or services you created or to buy the products and services you promote as an affiliate.

Finding your Ideal Customer
The first thing you need to do is you define the target market you want to focus on, (who wants what you are offering)
I ask this question to clients a lot and I frequently get the answer, “my product or service is for everyone”. Almost every time I’m able to focus them down further to find what their real ideal customer is. Your job is to drill down deeper to find your ideal customer. Once you find everything about your ideal customer dig even deeper. Its better to be the best at servicing a small group of people than to try to please everyone and dilute your message to the people you are really trying to attract. Once you have your ideal customer you want to learn everything about them.  What they like/dislike, their problems, their fears, their desires, what motivates them and where they gather. Once you know as much as you can about your target, you can start to create your customer magnet.

how to create your customer magnet 
In this step you need to create or re-purpose something you may already have that provides value to your ideal target market and give it away for free in exchange for the prospects email address. Building an email list of targeted prospects that will eventually want or need what your are selling is the key to gaining influence of over that niche. This can be a free informational ebook, a free video course or dvd, a free piece of software. the possibilities are endless. Get creative. The more creative you are and the more your target market wants and needs your free offer, the more you will build your email list. Creating a customer magnet has multiple benefits. It increases your authority in that niche, it establishes you or your brand as the authority in the space, it creates reciprocity, it is easily sharable making it easy to get referrals, and it engages you with your target market.
If you are at this step check out this video:
How to create a customer magnet

Using automated emails to influence your subscribers and make sales.
The next step is set up an automatic email system to educate your potential customers on why they want to take advantage of what you offer, so that they see the value in what you are providing. The way this works is when you register your free email marketing account the software helps you create your first customer magnet. Once you create your customer magnet the software instantly creates you multiple capture methods so you can gain subscribers. You can capture subscribers on you blog, website, Facebook and even if you don’t have a website it creates and hosts your customer magnet so you can capture subscribers directly from anywhere.

Once you get an email subscriber the system will automatically sent them the emails you have written in advance. This way you can educate and influence each new subscriber by automating your communication to them.  As you continue to educate yourself about online marketing you will hear people saying the money is in the email list.

Well that is not 100% accurate.

The money is in the relationship you have with the email list combined with a quality product or service to offer them that they want or need. The best way to build a relationship with your prospects is to help them and prove to them you genuinely care about helping them. This is why I recommend a passive email marketing strategy that focuses on education and helping your subscribers as your first goal.

If you focus on your prospects as your first objective while making it easy for them to take advantage of products or services that want and need, the money will come. But if you don’t provide great content in your email sequence that builds trust and relationship with your leads, more leads will just turn into more people that don’t trust you.

If you are ready to create an email list:
I recommend Response Magic Email Marketing, it’s a pay as you grow model that starts 100% free for all features. So its perfect if you are just getting started. It also has great value over its competitors being as low as $9.95/month for 5,000 contacts once you need those extra contacts.
It also allows you to email more of your contacts with a unique concept call Hybrid Confirm Opt-in and it allows you to create Squeeze Pages with the Customer Magnet Builder.

Getting Targeted Traffic 
The next thing you need is targeted traffic to drive to your customer magnet so you can build your email list, create influence and ultimately sales.. You can use a website or blog to tap into the search engines search engines, pay per click ads (Click here to get $100 free for adwords), facebook, article marketing, solo ads, joint venture partners and the list goes on and on.. the key no matter what source you use is targeting, especially if you are paying for your traffic. If you target only your ideal prospects, you spend less on advertising for how much you eventually earn from those visitors. Your goal in this step is to track and test different traffic sources so you can determine how much a visitor from that traffic source earns you on average.

For example: If you know that from a traffic source you get 100 hits and in 90 days you earned a net profit of $200 from that traffic. That means you have a $2 visitor value. Which means you can afford to pay that source up to $2 per click from that traffic source. If you pay just $1 per click from that traffic source this means you invest $1 to make $2.

Once you have that set up you now have cashflow producing “lead flow”.  Lead flow is the flow of new visitors to your customer magnet. The more lead flow you create, the more business you will generate. After setting up your system your main goal should be focused around testing your conversion and acquiring more lead flow. You should have multiple sources of lead flow and you should use every one that produces a positive return on investment.  At the end of the day if you spend $1 on a visitor and those visitors make you an average of $2 you can continue to advertise knowing that you are getting a great positive return on investment.

This blog is all about finding effective ways to attract traffic and customers.

I’m going to show you..

  • The 3 steps to getting your website listed at the top of the search engines.
  • How to un-cover what your market is already searching for and how to tap into it.
  • My step by step method to attracting customers for free with information.
  • How to build an effective communication channel so you can influence your market
  • How to attract customers and get referrals with social media

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