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I decided to write this blog post today because I have been getting a lot of people asking me how to setup a blog and it seems to hold a lot of people up when it comes to tapping into search engines. Or sometimes I see a lot of people deciding to take what they think is a shortcut and post their articles on blogger or wordpress.com. Now before I get into showing you how to get everything set up in 3 minutes I want to give you a few good reasons why you should decide to host your own blog instead of using typepad, wordpress.com or blogger.

When you install wordpress on your own server you get:

  1. Full control over the design in the future or right now.
  2. Unlimited plugins you can install.
  3. You own the authority you create, this is huge when you are going to spend time building authority to your blog you should be in control of where your authority is directed.
  4. You can sell your site for more money if you choose.
  5. You look more professional

I’m sure their are a bunch more that I forgot please add them to the comments if you can come up with a few more I forgot and I’ll add them in.

>> Click Here to Start Creating your Blog <<

Ok so now that you know why you need to host your blog lets talk about what you are going to need to do.

1. pick a domain name
2. pick a server to host your blog
3. install wordpress on your blog
4. install a wordpress theme on your blog

I recommend using bluehost because it’s as low as $4.95/month when you pay for the year and it allows you to do all 4 of these steps easily in 3 minutes.

Ok so lets get started:

1. Go to bluehost.com or Click This link 

2. Click the sign up button

3. Pick a domain name

4. enter your account information to get started

5. when you login for the first time scroll to the bottom where you will find an icon that says install wordpress.

6. Just follow the on screen instructions and it will start installing.

>> Click Here to Start Creating your Blog <<

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