Attention Business Owner:

Learn how to get 10 times the return on your marketing by positioning your business in front of only the customers that already want your product or service.

Dear Business Owner,

     Have you felt the shift of your current marketing strategies ROI painfully dropping every day? While many business owners associate the drop in new business with bad economic times, others are making an absolute fortune.

Well in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how strategic small business owners are transforming their old out dated marketing budgets into staggering returns and growth for their business.

     You see the reason for the drop in your marketing is not the economic down turn, its a shift in power, the power that controls our customers.
Right now the entire landscape of marketing has changed into a technological minefeild for most business owners, and you are right in the middle of it whether you like it or not.

The way your customers finds you will never be the same again..

     The age of information at our fingertips is completely changing the way we make buying decisions and retain brand messaging.  Instead of picking up the yellow pages and looking for a local plumber, you can now pull up all the plumbers in your area right from your mobile phone in seconds.. Yes, there’s an app for that. and if you are not in that listing, you are literally giving your business to your competitors. but more than that you have google on your computer and it can answer literally any question you ask it.

Are you there to answer those questions helping your customers solve their problems with your product or service?

    If you don’t your competitors will and they are already starting. Facebook is now the most visited website in the world and over 50% of users log on daily..
Right now there is a discussion about your business and you can either choose to pretend its not happening or join the conversation.

YouTube is now the number 2 search engine in the world. More people are searching for video solutions to their problems than any other search engine
other than google itself.. can you believe that?

  • Right now an estimated 60% of products that are purchased in store were researched online before purchasing offline
  • The apple iTunes store has just taken over HMV for #1 distributor of music
  • Internet marketing ad spends have just overtaken television as the #1 advertising medium in the UK.

… and the yellow pages remains on life supportYellow Pages AlternativeNow the question you need to ask yourself is…

What are you doing about it?

    Does your marketing strategy follow old outdated methods? or are you looking for answers but just don’t know how to find them? See most small business owners think.. if they get their website guy to just build them a new website and maybe a Facebook page this will all just work itself out?

     that’s a nice try.. but its not a strategy..

    You have to have a proven strategy in this market or you don’t stand a chance and the few who get it are dominating their “ancestors”…  Take a look at, who knew a brand new player in the insurance game could pop up online and make such an impact.

   When you do things the right way you can achieve extraordinary results.

    You are not alone my friend. Literally every business is in your shoes thinking the same thing right now.. The problem then becomes how do you make the shift to digital marketing when you have no idea what you really need to do, and you don’t have time to waste playing around aimlessly trying to figure how to use something that literally changes every day let alone figure out what works and what doesn’t… and let me just tell you this.. your “web guy” may tell you he or she knows how to do Internet marketing because they think you expect them to know… but is just not what they’re trained to do. 

     Here’s what you need to know.

     There are 2 major advancements in technology that make it literally impossible for any other marketing medium to compete. The first one is the online search. The reason why search is so powerful to us as a marketers is because it is just so convenient to the user that it will eventually take over all other methods of searching for a product or service, just look at the yellow pages chart above. Now because of the advancements in technology we can track the problems people are looking to solve, what they are researching and what people want to buy. We can then use that knowledge to create a laser targeted funnel to capture that exact audience we are looking for. Further to that, when they are looking for a product or service and they are “shopping around” we call that commercial intent. If you can position your website property in front of intent so you can funnel a steady flow of new eager customers right from the web into your sales cycle, your store or to a direct purchase online. It depends on the goal of your marketing strategy.

     Lets get social.

     Now lets take a look at the second online marketing medium that has revolutionized the industry again.. and that is social media. Now despite what you might think, the reason we want to be involved in social media marketing is not just because there are 750,000,000 people on facebook alone, although that is a pretty good reason. The real reason is that as a marketer it offers the greatest targeted advertising opportunity on the planet. Here’s why.. When you use a social media website the site logs your every social activity, your interests, what you look for, what you like, who you are, your relationship status and more. It then stores all that data so that it can be used within its advertising platform to give its advertisers the most targeted traffic advertising has ever seen. It also has one other cataclysmic shit, the biggest genealogy database of personal relationships in the world. When you mix the two together you get viral social ads. This means you can get an ad served to you just because you are friends with someone that likes a restaurant close to you. Be it that “Social proof” is the number one factor in persuading human beings, that makes for some pretty powerful stuff. Now if you ad the ability to instantly share that you like that restaurant too.. your friends now see that both of you like this restaurant. This time the spread perpetuated of its own energy and doesn’t accrue a cost to the advertiser. With the right message you can get more conversions than clicks. A far cry from direct mail at 3% I was personally able to achieve 103% conversion rates using my viral ad blueprint on facebook. The once unheardof now possible with the viral aspect of social media.

The Plan.    

Because its important that you have an expert guide you through the planing process I recommend a different approach for my clients. We call it the Digital Marketing Manager. Digital marketing managers are experts in the online marketing. They work with you to develop your online marketing strategy specific to your business objectives, they set up your online marketing funnel and they manage your entire online strategy so you don’t have to. They also have a team of designers and programmers at their fingertips to get things done if you need them.

 A digital marketing manager will give you the advantage of ..

  • Listing your business in front of thousands of customers online and mobile that are already looking for your products or services
  • Creating viral social referrals from customers on Facebook
  • Testing and tracking your website conversion
  • Creating valuable digital communication channels with your customers across mediums that matter to them.
  • Inducing the viral spread of your message in social networks creating buzz around your products or services.
  • Delivering bottom line monthly reports of measurable return on investment for your business.
  • and more

     they are there when you need them and are dedicated to your success ..

a Digital Marketing Manager is affordable starting at just $900/month and its easy to get started.

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Now I understand only about 20% of people will respond and that’s ok with me from a business standpoint, but from a personal standpoint, it still bothers me.
You see, I know how much marketing managers have helped my clients finally get quantifiable returns on their marketing. I get emails and messages telling me that
“this is the best method to fasttrack my business out of the stone ages and to start getting results” and I would hate for anyone to miss out on that
due to some error or omission in our explanation.

That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with a group of our people just to try and figure out why you might say “no” to discussing your current strategy with a marketing manager..  after several hours our group could think of only three.

How do I know my marketing manager is working hard and always delivering value?
Answer: your marketing manager will give you regular updates on the return on your investment in terms of your goals. But where you really see it is in the growth of your business.

Can’t I do a lot of this Internet stuff myself?
Answer: Absolutely.. However there is a certain way to do things and that is a great benefit of a marketing manager. They are there to set up your strategic plan and guide you or your staff so they can help contribute. They will also work with any of your in house technical team to make sure the specifics don’t get missed..

What if I don’t have a website or designer for my marketing manager to work with?
Answer: No problem, that’s another benefit of your marketing manager, they are equipped with their own network of experts and specialists in all areas of expertise from creating websites, videos, iPhone apps you name it, the sky is the limit. Tapping into these resources gives you a massive competitive advantage and leverage in your business.

I also want you to know that although we work on a retainer, we never make our clients sign a contract. We are so confident that if you are not getting consistent value above and beyond your expectations you should be able to cancel any time. This leaves you in control and ensured that your manager will always be working hard for you for years to come.

You see we want you to use your marketing manager as an extension of your team and as a valued asset to your company that adds consistent on-going value.

So go ahead set up a free appointment today with a marketing manager by calling
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Ryan Hache

P.S. You are going to love putting your marketing return on investment into overdrive and positioning your company in front of trending technologies.