How to make a facebook squeeze page

In this step by step tutorial I’m going to show you how to give the people that choose to like you on facebook a special offer or incentive to increase your likes. When somebody likes you on facebook it give you the opportunity to show up in front of your prospects circle of influence. If what you have to share or offer is of good value you have a great chance that their friends will like it as well allowing¬† it to spread.

  1. Set up the Facebook page by simply searching for the words “Create facebook page” it should pop up. Fill out your company info or personal info if branding yourself.
  2. Create your special offer image to get people to like you, 525 by 340 pixels works well for size. It is important to call them to action to click the like button to get the offer.
  3. Add static FBML application by searching for the words “static FBML”
  4. Name the Tab by going to your page home screen and clicking edit info -> manage permissions -> Default Landing Tab: Set it to static FBML
  5. Set up the FBML app by clicking edit info -> Apps -> Find FBML and click Go to App
    when you are there name the tab by changing the box title:
    and paste the following code into the box labeled FBML:
    anything inside these tags <fb:visible-to-connection>
    </fb:visible-to-connection> is not visible to people who don’t like you.

    <img src=””¬† />

    #Paste your youtube code here or here is how to do a hyperlink below
    <a href=”“>Facebook Squeeze Pages</a>



  6. Upload an image to your server or free web space for your ad/offer
    Make sure after you upload it you replace the path to the image in this part of the code with your image location:
    <img src=””¬† />
  7. Create a report you can link to on your blog or create a video on youtube to show the user when they click like. Paste the youtube embed code or a hyper link to a website in the FBML app where it says
    #Paste your youtube code here

    And Presto! you are done!