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Hey Everyone,

As you know facebook has discontinued the use of FBML so we can no longer create squeeze pages with that functionality.

Today I’m going to show you how to create a facebook squeeze page using the new iFrame method.


Update to post:

There is now free software to do this with no designer, no hosting for FREE!
click here for step by step instructions on how to get it set up!




Here is a video to help you and below the video is the download files and the instructions.


1. Step one is to create your offer.. here is an example of my offer. This is the most crucial part of your squeeze page.
squeeze graphic
(I have a great training on how to create a “customer magnet” aka “the offer”.. just register for a free autoresponder account -by clicking here and it will show you the training as soon as you register, having the free autoresponder account will allow you to upload pictures without using FTP, it makes it much easier to alter your offers)

2.  the next step is to download the files used to create the page on your sever.

3. create your app by searching for “developers” in the facebook search box.. click the first option that pops up then click create app in the top right.

4. click the the facebook integration tab to get your application ID and Application Secret

5. copy and paste your application ID and Application secret into your index.php file as shown in the video.

6. create a folder on your website for the app and upload these two files into that new directory on your server web space.

7. go back to the facebook integration tab and enter in the URL to that directory on your live website in the “tab url” box and the “secure tab url” boxes.. add https for the secure tab box..

8. click back to your apps page and add your new app to your page .

9. Then make that app your default tab and users that arrive at your page will get your squeeze page message.

10. Now all you need to do is give your audience a good reason to opt-in and give you their email address.
click here to learn how I automate the process of selling each prospect that becomes a fan on facebook and on my website.

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