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In this article I’m going to be talking about information marketing and how to apply it to your marketing strategy online to attract new customers and literally sell anything to any market.

What is information marketing?

Information marketing by my definition is the art giving away free information on a particular topic that is in direct relation with your target market with the intention of attracting an audience, becoming an authority and building a relationship with that market.

Why should you consider information marketing as a part of your marketing strategy?

In terms of online marketing, information searches make up the majority of all Internet searches in all major search engines. Despite their lack of commercial intent buyers tend to seek advice about a product or service via informational search prior to searching directly for a product itself. This is a good opportunity to provide information to the searcher, build a relationship with them as a trusted source and offer suggestions thus eliminating their need for a second commercial search. This also means you get to influence the information searchers buying decisions in that instance. You also gain the benefit of being seen as an authority in that market and you get to help someone in your target market that could become a source of a referral or eventually a customer when they do need your product or service.

How to Use Information Marketing to Attract Customers

Here is a simple to follow list that walks you through how to use information marketing to attract customers to your website or blog online.

Understand the market your are entering

You want to make sure before you start your information marketing campaign that you “really” understand your target market well. A common mistake in this step is to target a market that is too broad. This poses a bunch of problems. First you will never be able to truly speak to your prospect the way they want to hear it if you are trying to speak to a generic audience. Second you will be in a much stronger competition bracket and it will be tougher to compete and you will need a lot of content. I recommend being extremely focused with your target market before you start.

Find what the poeople in your target market are looking for

The next thing you want to do is find what your target market is looking for by understanding what types of Internet searches are happening in your target market. We call this process keyword research

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Create an information website or blog targeting your market

Creating an information website is easy and can be really fun.
Check out this article How to find your domain name and set up your website or blog in 3 minutes.

Its surprisingly simple these days to set up a fully customize website or blog.

Create free information content and post it on your website

The next step is to simply create free information content that solves the problems in your target market that people are searching for in the search engines. See the key to this as you will learn in the keyword research phase is to pick topics people are searching for that have acceptable levels of competition an high search volume. You can post content in multiple formats. Google will return results for written words via web pages and blog articles and it will also return video results as well. YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world and more and more people are looking to YouTube as a means to solve their informational search needs. You can also use audio in the form of an iTunes podcast or Mp3 cast. I prefer iTunes because you always want to go where to big search markets are.

Get your content ranked #1 in the search engines

Ofcourse in order to gain the benefit from those Internet searches we discovered in the keyword research phase we need to make sure we are listed first in the search results to ensure we have the highest level of views to our information content. I recommend opting into my email list on the top right of this page if you would like to stay on top of the latest trends in search marketing and getting your pages ranked #1. Or Check out this post if you are new to the concepts of search engine optimization “Introduction to Search Engine Optimization Basics

Sell the click

Once you are ranked high in the search engines you want be be interesting and stand out from the sea of other results. You want to sell the click. You want them to chose you out of the 10 options they see in front of them. We do this by creating a headline for you post that attracts people to read it.

Your customer consumes your content

When you write content make sure it is the best content you can write. Don’t hold back because this is a crucial part of building a relationship. If you were in a meeting with someone and trying to show them you know what you are talking about would you hold back? No, ofcourse not so don’t do it in your information. Be real and be helpful. I like to think of it as giving advice to a friend. Treat people right, the world will be a better place and it all comes back around.

Your lead magnet

Once you get traffic back to your blog you need to provide some over the top epic value that you would normally charge for, for free in exchange for the prospects email address. It isn’t enough to just have a place on the page to join your mailing list. You need to give them a reason to take action. So here is where I remind you that I have a lead magnet on this very page in the top right hand corner. My list gets my blog updates with great posts just like this one when they come out as well as I show you how to attract customers and find un-tapped traffic sources with my in depth research video training course, which is free! 🙂 So don’t forget to join me. Also Here is another free video where I show you step by step how to create a lead magnet for yourself.

Your email list should provide exceptional value

Email market has gone from you’ve got mail, to you’ve got spam. So don’t be someone who provides non stop sales messages. You want your list to respond to you when you need their feedback and be happy to open your emails. You should always send 5 times more value than you ever ask for anything in return. Many Internet marketers are moving away from direct selling from their email list all together. Now this don’t mean don’t sell anything, it just means provide value and make recommendations. Don’t just don’t over sell.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and if you would like to receive more please opt-in below to get my blog post updates.

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