Introduction to Search Engine Optimization Basics

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Hi everyone hopefully you enjoy the video.. I think it is a very easy way to understand the 3 main categories of search engine optimization in its most simple form.

Action Step:

#1 – How I Find Niche Keywords I Can Rank for In the Search Engines


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  1. says

    Hey There Ryanhache,
    This might be off topic, however, Search engine optimization is easy to do, and is also a very important part of your business. Anyone can do Search engine optimization, but where most people run into trouble is when they rush it. When you do too much at once, search engines pick up on it and penalize your site. When this happens you could lose your current rankings or have your site removed completely. Scary huh? Read on to find out how to avoid that from happening.

  2. joel says


    Just wondering if your viral ad blueprint still works with the changes
    that has taken place with facebook.


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