How to Link a Facebook Image to a Website (and create the image)

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Hey Folks,

Here is a quick actionable tip how to link a facebook image to a website to get More Engagement and Higher Click-Through Rates to whatever you might be promoting on Facebook.

Please Note: Ability to link a facebook image to a website is only available for “fan pages” so if you don’t have a fan page maybe its a good time to create one.

To create a fan page check out.

How to link a Facebook Image to a Website

Video Notes: 
-> Image Dimensions 484 px (wide) by 252 px (tall)

In this short video I’m going to show you how to create an image to post on Facebook.

How to Create the Image to Post on Facebook

Video Notes:
-> Free Screen Capture Software – Jing by tech smith
-> Free Image Editing Software –

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how to link a facebook image to a website
Click here to download the image to use

to your success,

Ryan Hache

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  1. Ryan Hache says

    So isn’t this ironic. My post on Facebook broke for this post lol.. I guess if you use the scheduling feature to post your update Facebook and the page you are linking to isn’t live yet, tries to cache your page even though it isn’t live yet showing “page not found” even after the post is up and live.

  2. says

    Hi Ryan,

    I created the FaceBook page and currently I am using Hoot-suite to scheduling my post. What should I do to link both as like you did???

  3. Ryan Hache says

    I’m not sure if you can do this with hoot suite. I’m pretty sure you need to post natively to get these benefits.

    but anyone who had done this please correct me in the comments.