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In this quick post i’m going to show you how most email marketers are losing 22% of their new email subscribers.

Then I’m going to show you how you can fix the problem.

I decided to do a little research on Hybrid Confirm Opt-in for Email Marketing to see how well it really worked, if at all.

If you are new to the concept of Hybrid Confirm Opt-in, this is how it works.

Confirm Opt-in is when a contact subscribes to your email list, you require them to click a link in their email to confirm before you can email them.
Single Opt-in is when you can opt-in right from the page without the confirmation step and you can email them right away and in the future.

Many email services give you the option to use Confirm opt-in or Single Opt-in.

There are many reasons you would want to choose Confirm Opt-in, one of the main reasons is that the reputation on a confirm opt-in server is extremely high and gives you the best deliverability.
(Those factors we won’t discuss in this post if you want to learn more about that check out Email Deliverability in 2014 )

Hybrid Confirm Opt-in is the best of both worlds

Hybrid confirm opt-in allows you to attempt Confirm Opt-in, but if you fail you can still email them.

  1. If they confirm, it sends emails to that contact using the confirm opt-in network of servers ( Very High Deliverability )
  2. If they don’t confirm it is treated as a single opt-in contact and is sent via the single opt-in network.

Here is the test I did on my email list to see if this gave me any value.

I checked my email list for a week period and got the following results with one attempt to confirm each contact.

  • 46% Confirmed their Opt-in with a single email
  • 48% Did not confirm their opt-in
  • 8% were bounced bogus opt-ins

So when I go to send a broadcast almost half of my emails go out through confirmed servers and the other half goes out via the single opt-in servers on the ResponseMagic Network.

So I decided to check the engagement I had with the people who didn’t confirm to see if they were bogus or just forgot to confirm.

It turns out..

45% of the people who didn’t confirm their subscription where legitimate

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“Are You Losing 22% of Your New Email Subscribers Like Most Marketers?”

That 45% went on to engage and interact with my emails.

So as a percentage of my overall opt-ins that is 22%, so 22% of my total opt-ins would have been lost if I had be using standard confirm opt-in.

If you have built a list of any size you know that is a lot of wasted time or money.

If you want to use Hybrid confirm opt-in you can use it for free at ResponseMagic.

Thats just my thoughts would love to know what you have found in the comments.


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