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Video Transcript:

Hey guys! Ryan Hache here, and in this video I’m going to show you how the new Facebook News Feed affects your marketing.  So let’s dive right into it.

In March 7th of 213 Mark Zuckerberg and his team unveiled the latest revamp on Facebook’s News Feed, focusing on reducing clutter. Creating more:

  • Vibrant visuals
  • Having multiple-choice in the News Feed. As well as,
  • Making everything consistent across all platforms, including mobile and Tablet.

Another thing that they are implementing is these big bright Photos that take up the majority of the real estate. As well as, that overlay of text over the video instead of separating the two. This reminds me a lot of like Google Plus. It feels like they’re trying to sort of copy a bit of that look and feel if you’re on Google Plus. It gives you a lot of similarities there, as well as, I think they’re trying to promote posting images and videos. Just because they’re more engaging and people like to see beautiful pages.

And the more images that are in your News Feed, the more beautiful Facebook’s going to look. So I think they’re trying to promote that. And maybe possibly take a little bit of Pinterest market share away in the process.

What’s in it for you?

  • Larger pictures
  • Brighter colors. And for marketers,
  • Better engagement

You’ll also notice that status updates are now visually enticing. This is KEY because if someone connects with you. From a personal standpoint, if someone connects with you, YOU are now going to see their Cover Photo, as well as, their Picture. So you get this nice beautiful representation of them with their picture. And it’s just a lot more visual way of showing that Matt has connected with Laney. Okay?

Same thing happens with Fan pages. So if Matt is connecting with our Facebook Fan page and I have affinity with Matt, I’m going to see a visual from the fan page. So it’s very important that your Cover Photo has a good representation of what you are about. So if I’m interested in what you are about, as well as Matt, you are going to gain a new fan from me.  So that’s very important.

Also, the Fresh Feeds allows you to select photos as an option. So you can basically turn Facebook into Pinterest and only look at photos, which is really cool. And I think a lot of people are going to be using that feature, which is again, going to drive up the engagement on photos. Specifically, aside from posts, so you’re going to see that number of people engaging with your photos go up. So that’s important to think about in the back of your head.

Of course consistency across all devices is just going to be a great user experience for the end user. Which just means – more people are going to be engaging on their tablet or mobile device. Because it feels and looks a lot like how they use it on their web browser. So that’s important to getting everybody using Facebook at all times. Which is good for Facebook and it’s also good for you because they’re going to engage with your posts from wherever they are.

So what’s in it for marketers?

Well we’ve been talking a lot of engagement, and ever since Facebook’s timeline update, Photo and Video posts have covered 73% of engagement. That’s huge!

And this among all the posts and is projected to increase even more due to the news feed revamp. That just makes sense, right? Everything’s kind of, moving towards images and video and making that more beautiful, making that more engaging. That feature that allows you to just browse through pictures is going to have a lot of Facebook users using Facebook like Pinterest. And just looking at the pictures, right? – Which is huge! This number this 73% number has to go up. – Which means, you’re going to have to change as well.

So let’s take a look at a couple things that you’re going to have to change in your marketing.

Number one is your captions. The captions are going to be overlaid over your images. Now if you post one. (And you should be posting with one given what you just found out.) Even if it’s just an update it should have been image behind it just to make it look and feel beautiful.

Captions are going need to be shorter. They’re going to be shorter more concise, you’re going to really need to shorten your headline about what the post is about. Get right to the point. And use URL Shorteners to make your URL’s shorter so that you don’t have a big ugly URL right across this guys face, because THAT is going to decrease your engagement in this post. I’m assuming they probably won’t let it go down too far. They’re probably going to have a “More” Link that goes over here just to keep it looking beautiful and stop people from doing that, which means if you have a link it’s going to be below the fold, which you’re not going to want to happen. You’re not going to want your link below the fold. You are going to want people to be able to click on it right from here. So that’s another thing to consider.

Now let’s take a look at Facebook Ads. For those of you who used Facebook Ads are probably wondering “how does that affect me?”

And when Mark’s team was asked, they answered with:

“The idea of making things richer, more immersive, includes Ads.”

So we can expect to see something change with Ads. Whether that’s the text overlaying over the image or something similar maybe they can be a little bit bigger, who knows? But, something is going to change and my prediction would probably be, your text is probably going to be overlaid over your image.

Similar to how the rest of it changes. But, they’re not making any announcements on that right now.

So again, same thing applies for your Ads, you’re probably going to want to shorten your Ads a little bit maybe. We can’t really determine what we’re going to do with Ads until we actually see what we have to work with.

With the Cover Photo, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re Cover Photos are obviously compelling like they should have been before. But you’re also going to want to test them in a smaller format. Some of you might have text on your cover photo. You want to make sure that it’s visually pleasing when it’s shrunken down into this smaller format that shows up in the News Feed.

It may be a redesign for your Cover Photo to make it a little bit bigger, little bit’ more legible when it’s shrunk down to this size. So that’s just something to keep in mind. It’s a great opportunity to show your fan page to people that have affinity with your fans. And you want to make sure that you come out and tell them what you’re all about. So that when your fans – when the social circle of your fans is affected. They can jump on board and see why they have connected with this fan page, so that you can gain a fan from them as well.

Another big push that they’re going to be emphasizing is the Check-ins and how often they show up in your News Feed. And there is some integration that’s going to happen with the graphs search that’s also coming. That is going to allow you to find local businesses, which means, for Marketers you should be getting your local business customers to be checking-in to your business.

You can do that in fun ways by giving a free offer or adding some sort of value to their experience when they show up and they Check-in. Maybe give them coupon, something like that. Just to push engagement and push check-in’s to your business. Because that’s going to allow people with affinity to those fans of your business to see these check-in’s in their newsfeed, another great way to create Social-Proof within your fans’ warm circle of influence as well as, just getting your word out in a way that is viral and free to the local business. So this is a great new feature.

The next thing I want to talk about is Pinterest. It looks like – as the owner of a Facebook Fan page, your job is going to be changing (if it hasn’t already) to be posting a lot more images and a lot more videos which means why not take advantage of the buzz around Pinterest and create yourself a Pinterest account.

And when you post on your Facebook Fan page with these beautiful photos why don’t you also post them on Pinterest as well. To gain a little bit more engagement from not only Facebook, but from Pinterest as well. Pinterest seems to be favored very heavily in the Facebook News Feed as well.

So as you post on Pinterest, your Pinterest photos and any groups that gain traction or any boards that gain traction, tend to show up in the News Feed of the people that you have affinity with. Just having Pinterests and posting your images there as well, is going to add more engagement to your overall fan page experience and your goals with your fan page.

So if you want to be ahead of the curve and take a look at the news feed. (It’s going to be coming anyways) So you might as well rip-off of the band aid and get right in there and try out the new newsfeed before anybody else does. Don’t wait for them to push it to you. I know that sometimes it’s a little bit of a pain when you get a new change to Facebook and they require you to change over, but it’s important to get ahead of the curve and get on the waiting list.

You can go to http://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed  and you can join the waiting list for the new newsfeed and you can be the first to get it and the first to start taking advantage of it.

I hope you got a lot of value out of this video. If you have any questions about Facebook News Feed, put them in the comments below and if this is on YouTube, put a comment below and give me a thumbs up if you like the video. Obviously, like it and share it and tweet it with your friends. So thanks again and I’ll see you next time!


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