how to use facebook for business and personal

I get asked alot how to use facebook for business and personal.. Most people do not want to market on facebook because they already use their account for their personal life. With the new changes to facebook and how you can use your pages this has never been easier.. I have created a short video […]

Social Searching is Google the Social Search Engine?

Social media and Searching are starting to move towards becoming one, social searching.  This will give you more relevant referrals from friends. This is extremely powerful as social media (facebook) has the highest rate of “social proof” which is the #1 persuasion factor in people and search engines have “intent” in other words the searcher […]

How to Get People to Like your Facebook Page

In this post I’m going to show you how to get people to like your facebook page for free. Step 1 How to Get People to like your facebook page by given them somthing free: You need to start by creating what is called a lead magnet. this is simply somthing of value you can […]

How to Make a Click “Like” to See Facebook Squeeze Page

In this post I’m going to show you can use facebook to create a cutting edge viral squeeze page. I am sure you have seen these pages.. mostly from spammers unfortunalty… These pages require you to click like in order to view the content you want to access… you probably have a bad taste in […]

Market Samurai Tutorial

Recap: Using Google Keyword tool is a great free way to find keywords that have traffic and relevance. However using a tool like article samurai will allow you to not only find keywords with traffic and relevance but it will allow you to find keywords with.. Low Competition (the un-tapped keywords) High Commercial Intent (keywords […]

The Most Important Lesson in Search Engine Marketing

The software used in this video is called Market Samurai. It used to be a paid only service that only marketers like myself had access to but they are offering a free trial right now..  I am not sure how much longer they will offer this for so make sure you get your research in before they […]

Article Marketing Tutorial for Newbies

Today i’m going to share an article marketing tutorial for newbies that shows you the possibilities of attracting customers with articles online. Article Marketing Tutorial for Newbies I hope you enjoyed this article marketing tutorial for newbies! Avoid the 3 big mistakes website owners make that cause them to be left with no visitors and […]

Article Marketing Question How Many Articles Per Keyword?

Heather Calhoun From Facebook Hi Ryan, I just watched your 3 mistakes on article marketing using keywords. I have a quick question for you. Once you have found a keyword that meets the criteria you have outlined. Do you recommend writing several articles and trying to really own that search. Or just writing one…maybe coming […]