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Social media and Searching are starting to move towards becoming one, social searching.  This will give you more relevant referrals from friends.

This is extremely powerful as social media (facebook) has the highest rate of “social proof” which is the #1 persuasion factor in people and search engines have “intent” in other words the searcher took action to search the topic and have intent to buy or find information related to the topic.

Put those together and you have a new age of searching called Social Searching.

For example take someone that has intent to buy a stroller for their new baby so they search for “best stroller Toronto” on Google.

and your friend “Al Jones” recommends “Toronto baby strollers” on Young street.

I know and respect Al so I am going to visit ” Toronto baby strollers” on Young street.

Very powerful stuff..
Social searching = Social Proof + Intent

Social Proof =  Al Likes them and I trust Al so I probably like them too.
Intent = I need to buy a stroller.

Now if we can just get Google and Facebook to work together on this one we are there now.

but instead we have Google hotpot check it out.

However the real player to watch here is Facebook.

If facebook starts to take advantage of this “intent” market of searchers they will have the most robust database of relationship connections and will be able to easily provide a better service and be the #1 search engine.

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