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I want to start by saying ..

I love when I get emails like this.

Here it is..

Ted Says:

I haven’t responded to any of the numerous offers except yours.

My problem– I want to find mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers and offer them licensing to add Arizona to their lending business.

I can write the script, but how do I send emails to them when I don’t know who to send to?


Ok so the first thing you have to realize is that you don’t want to use email marketing to just start sending your target market offers.

Besides being spam, It just won’t work for one specific reason.

You were not openly invited into their lives.

Email subscribers are real people like you and I.  If I just ran up to you on the street and started pitching you, my success rate would be much lower because i’m not a welcome guest.

You need to make your target market want you and welcome you into their thoughts.

Sort of how i’m now welcome in yours.

So how do you do that?

Here’s 3 simple steps to get permission to engage with your target market

  1. You want to create something of value that you know mortgage brokers are going to want to get their hands on. Why not write an ebook. Call it.. How to Increase Profits in Your Mortgage Businesses 
    -> Here’s how to give away that ebook.
  2. Give away the ebook for free in exchange for their email address using a customer magnet.
    -> How to create a customer magnet 
    -> How to create a squeeze page video that converts
  3. Share the link to your customer magnet page everywhere mortgage brokers hang out.  mortgage broker message boards, mortgage broker communities, mortgage broker fan pages, mortgage broker meet up groups, mortgage broker events ) Everywhere mortgage brokers are.

*Tip – Don’t share it where mortgage brokers might be, just where everyone is a mortgage broker. This will increase your results.

Now you can talk to your prospect!

Now that we are a welcome guest in the eyes of our prospect, you can add more value in your email auto responder sequence while introducing your offer. Include lessons on how mortgage brokers can increase their income by leveraging their existing customers offering more services.  (put a link in these lessons that link to your offer for licensing your product)
Try this in your small business and it will make your approach rejection proof.
Now replace “mortgage brokers” with your target market and go give it a try right now.
don’t forget to share this with someone who can use it.

To Your Success,

Ryan Hache

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