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I decided to test the Von Restorff Effect after watching a great video from Derek Halpern and I just had to create this mini post to show you my results because they were pretty interesting.

but first take a look at the video from Derek Halpern.

Now I know in Derek’s video he talks about making your links that same as your call to action colour but I wanted to make a certain page stand out.
So I decided to just change one of the links to one of my pillar content pages to see if I could get more people to that page over the others.


To the right is an image taken right from my Google analytics showing the percentage of clicks each page got. There was a slight variation that you can’t see in the image because it got cut off. For example the first link in the list got a 4% click through rate but mostly all the links that were that same colour had 2 to 4 % click through rate.

But when you look at the red link. You will see a bump in clicks.

This works! Thanks Derek.

Here is the full article if you want to take a look. http://socialtriggers.com/best-color-for-conversions/


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