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In this video i’m going to show you an email marketing strategy that i’ve adopted that increases how many people read your emails and ultimately turns subscribers into sales.

I’m calling it the passive email marketing strategy that works because it is completely non aggressive way to communicate with your email list and I have proven that it works it in my own testing. It increases open rates, lowers spam complaints, gets you lifetime advocates and turns more subscribers into sales.

Show notes:
Want to use jing to record videos like this? -> http://www.techsmith.com/jing
Free email marketing system I use -> http://www.responsemagic.com

The premise of this strategy is to no longer pitch anything from your email list. I know you are probably thinking if I don’t every pitch anything from my email list, what is the point of having an email list?

Well the point is not that you are never going to use your email list to sell anything but it is to always provide value in your emails first and if you are going to link to something like a product or service do it passively in your article. This way your subscriber is never pressured to buy anything and since you always provide great value in your message you never have to worry about them ignoring your emails. I’ve already been doing this with the offers that I do select, however I’m going to be making a greater effort in the future to show you how to use what gets me results so you can make sure it aligns with your strategy before you decide to check out the tool or service i’m using.

One more thing you might be wondering is why I post all my messages to a blog and just link you over from my emails?
This reason I do this is that I want my message to be available online for Google searchers to find as well as like, share and tweet allowing the message to spread virally.

With that said please take a minute to share this if it helped you and if you don’t have a blog yet, check this out.
How to create your own hosted wordpress blog in 3 minutes


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