Easy Backdoor Way to Front Page Google Listings

If you have been paying attention to the recent google slaps going on, Google has been delisting blogs from their index for marketers who drive too many backlinks to a particular article to get it ranked in the search engines.

Well you have heard the saying if you can’t beat em, join em.

That is exactly what friend Josh has been doing.

He drives all his backlinks directly to youtube videos now because Google has been pushing video in their search results and youtube is never going to delist itself from the search engines being that they are owned by Google.

This mean for you that you can compete with articles listed in Google that have thousands of backlinks just by creating video and using some automated backlink services!

With that said, Josh uses a simple strategy to get top google listings in 48 hours that he can repeat over and over with any keyword.

So the strategy looks like this…

  1. Find a keyword you would like to be listed for.
  2. Create a simple video using screen capture software
  3. Post that video to youtube using your keywords (and a few other tricks)
  4. Drive a bunch of backlinks to that video.

It’s really a simple strategy that Josh has been using as an affiliate marketer to generate a ton of traffic and affiliate sales.

Today he contacted me and told me captured his lastest case study on video and has made it available to the public in the form of an information course called Tube Takeover Formula.

Ofcourse I dove right in and took a deep look into what the course had to offer so if you are interested in a youtube marketing strategy that gets real results for an affordable price, just $9.95 you can’t beat it.

Check out what you get inside by watching my video review below.

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