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In this post I’m going to answer a user question.

Lorene wrote in:
“Ryan, How do I find the best place to post an article”

I want to start by saying..

The best place to post an “original” article you wrote, is on your own blog, or something that you control or have the ability to capture leads from. If you don’t yet have a blog, here is an article that shows you how to set up your own hosted blog in 3 minutes.

However I think what you are trying to say is where can I post the link to my article to gain traffic and exposure to my article…

So i’m going to answer that question.

The short answer is.. You want your article on the front page of Google for your target keyword.

Here’s what I do to get there..

These are the first things I do after I post a blog post.

  1. Share it with my facebook fan page by posting the link to my blog post on my fan page timeline
  2. Share it with my twitter subscribers, I have my twitter account set up to automatically post my facebook updates to twitter. ( How to automatically post your facebook status updates to twitter )
  3. Share it with my Google + subscribers by posting the link on my google plus page
  4. Share it with my LinkedIn connections by posting the url on linkedIn
  5. Share it with my Email Subscribers by writing a short description of the article and broadcasting it to my email list

This is a great place to start because as you build your fan base on all these networks you will gain additional backlinks from anyone who reTweets, Likes or +1’s your article. For example right now after doing this I have 5 backlinks from myself. But if each of these gets 5 shares, now I have 25 backlinks overnight!

Then if I am targeting a tough keyword I use a backlinking strategy that involves posting a lot of articles that all link back to my first article. The reason I do this is because the more backlink you get to your article the more change you have of getting that article ranked on the front page of Google. Article Submissions are one of the most important parts of my backlink strategy because it is the easiest way to get a large amount of backlinks for very minimal effort.

Here is how I do that..

  1. I start by thinking what would be a good little article (200 words) about why you should do what i’m teaching in my first article.
  2. Then I write that article I’m going to use to submit to the article directories.
  3. Then instead of exchanging that one unique article with a website like ezine articles, I do what you call “article spinning” so I can submit that article to hundreds of wesites as a guest author. Most sites will only accept a guest post if it is unique content, otherwise they wouldn’t get any value from the article because google wouldn’t display it to their traffic. So in order to get around this problem you can use an article spinning service to create hundreds of different versions of your guest post article using word replacements. This creates hundreds of readable unique versions of your article.
  4. The next thing I need to do is find partners that have authority websites that want to put my guest post on their directory or blog. For this I use a combination of manual submissions to the top article websites like ezine articles (see below), existing blogs I have created, web 2.0 properties like squidoo, and last but not least hundreds of blogs and directories automatically over time using Unique Article Wizard, Article Submission Software. When you post each of your articles on all these locations, make sure to include a backlink to your original article on the page you are trying to rank in google. Presto tons of authority backlinks linking back to the main article on your blog which equates to top rankings for your article in google!

Here is a list of manual article directories to start with if you are not ready for Unique Article Wizard..
Please note: The article directories have been cracking down on article spinning so make sure you spin your articles to at least 80% uniqueness. Or you can always write only unique articles for these top article networks aswell.

1. EzineArticles

2. Helium

3. ArticleCity

4. Buzzle

5. ArticleDashBoard

6. ArticleSnatch

7. A1Articles

8. IdeaMarketers

9. GoArticles

10. ArticleMarketer   

I hope you enjoyed the article, if you did please take a moment to let me know in the comments or ask any questions.

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